Excited or bummed 4 school

Heyy … Are you all excited or bummed 4 school!!!

I am bummed for the work but I really am excited to go make more friends and possibly a boyfriend

Answer #1

I’m excited or was…one week down. No more lame high school and stupid people, but a lot of work…even for the first week! but I’m lovin college life so far.

Answer #2

Bummed lol

summer went to quickly

Answer #3

im bummed im going 2 a new high school :/ and ima miss my friends an not looking forward 2 grade 11 home work load

but im also excited 2 make new friends but woried ima drift from my besties the girls

Answer #4

my school started 2 week’s ago.. I was bummed, cause curfew on a school night is 10:30- IF MY HOMEWORKS DONE.

and deff not as much to do as in the summer time.

school work doesn’t bother me, but I hate getting up early. I’ve already resorted to wet hair in the morning’s so I can wake up later.. haha

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