Ex Sends Depressed SMSs

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My ex sends me depressing messages sometimes that depress me! I don’t know what to advise her. Any help or suggestions you can provide are greatly appreciated (obviouisly it would be better if you knew the person in person to give me advise but any help or suggestions you can provide are greatly appreciated )

I just recieved a message from her saying: I feel like I just want to kill myself. What have got to look forward to? I had everything taken off me by Adam (the ex) I’m alone, I’m broke, I am depressed.

How do I reply to this message? What can I say? Please help anyway you can.

Regards, Mike.

Answer #1

Umm well if yur styll her friend then tell her that you’ll b there for her and If she needs sumone tew tlk tew then yur always there..And if you feel as tho you done want her talking you this stuff and it makes you depressed then tell her that it makes you feel uncomfy when she says stuff like that..hope I helped Good Luckk

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