Ex boyfriend

My ex boyfriend asked me if I like any guys I told him no, I told him im just talking to this guy out of town and he starts asking me questions like do you like him, does he like you, do you want to sleep with him, does he want to get with you is he good looking I told him yes and he was like whos better looking me or this guy and I told my ex I think hes better looking than the guy and he was like yeah right then he started telling me I was pretty hot when he dated me and I got better looking Does he sound like hes jealous or something else..?

Answer #1

hes jealous and wants you for himself!! LOL

Answer #2


Answer #3

Coming from me I most definitely think he is in a way jealous.

Answer #4

hes jealous as hell. lol if your going for making him jealous uv definately done it. if he asks you to compare himself to the othr guy you know hes jealous

Answer #5

I think hes jealous. He might even want you back. Maybe he cares for you and only wants the best for you. Ask him why hes all in your buisness.

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