If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go. Why?

I would go to new zealand or australia. New zealand becuase it seems pretty there. Australia because it just seems like a cool place to go.

Answer #1

I’m from Australia and I’d probably stay here and go to North Queensland or northern New south Wales or the Kakadu and Tasmania’s terrific too…unfortunately my wife would make me go to Europe, she’s Itallian

Answer #2

I would like to go back to China, and, I’d like to visit Ireland. For China, to find my birth parents since I’m adopted to American parents and live in the United States. Ireland, because I would like to know what their culture is like.

Answer #3

I love in England, I would probably visit the united states, or maybe even Antarctica or the Arctic… before the polar bears go extict…

Answer #4

I would go to either greece or india becuse I’ve always been fascinated by both of those cultures :) even tho im cuban lol

Answer #5

most likely tibet , or thailand , becuase the people arenice and I would be far away from all the bullshit here. nice to be by myself and recollect ya know? , I wish we all could do that easyly when we lose grip of things.

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