Euthanize an old dog painlessly

Can you euthanize an old dog at home painlessly ?

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I personally don't think that there is a painless way to do it yourself. Your best bet would be to let the vet euthanize the dog. They're professionals, so they know what they're doing.

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No, and I doubt it's legal to try.

Many vets do at-home visits for euthanasia for animals who are too sick or weak to make it to the office. I would suggest doing that if you would like your dog to cross the bridge at home.

If money is the issue, try calling local animal shelters or humane societies that have clinics. Oftentimes, they will perform euthanasia for $25 or so...

How to euthanize a dog at home?

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I have researched this problem,My vet who I have been taking her to for over 15 years.. said sure he will do it. just bring her in.. he wouldn't come to my home and wants to charge me over $200.00 to do it... oh by the way
did I want a nice wood box to put her in for a low low price of $45.00, but thats after they creamate her for an additional $150... so for $395.00 I can let them do it. So simplychallenging and editor need to actually have gone through this before you start answering questions you know nothing about... and by the way the shelters are all independent and have no guidelines. the shelter in my county is a "NO-KILL" shelter as they say, and they do not do that for owners. I could however just drop my dog off as a stray and drive away.
We do not want to "kill" our beloved pets.. but it kills me to watch her go this way.. she can't get up on her own or stand.. I carry her out and hold her up to potty or she would just fall on the ground and go where she lies.. she struggles for every breath and I do not have the finance to let the vet help me. to him s all about the money.. There has to be a better way. If your not in our shoes or have a good answer.. please don't help.

Euthanize dog at home

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