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How would you make an art collage on a theme?

Example, Finding the meaning of life. How would you make an art collage on that. Cause I have no idea what Im doing…

Answer #1

Well a collage is just a representation. So what do you think helps someone to find the meaning of life?

Take your ideas, find a picture to represent that idea. (Ex. If you think love is then you could use a picture of a couple getting married or a heart. Or if you think self-discovery is then you could use a picture of like a stick man on the world.) Just be creative. Use what you think is right. Print the pictures, and just slop them on a piece of paper =P haha You can even use certain words or phrases to make an idea stand out.

For something as complex as finding the meaning of life though, it may just be easier to combine different themes, instead of focusing on one.

Hope this helps xD

Answer #2

maybe you could put pictures of friends and things that remind you of your meaning of life. and words that represent your definition. that’s a really hard theme to do though.. since it’s so debatable and whatnot. good luck :)

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