English bull dog name

What shall I call my english bull dog ? puppy. - I like hte name chubs, desol. gear box.. wot do you think name some :)

Answer #1

Since he is English, I would go with Wellington… lol other names I like are: Humphrey Hondo BoomBoom fatboy Gordo (fatboy in spanish) iggy Robo Uga (university of Georgia mascot name) vongo

Answer #2

my male pug is Charlie ..I was just on puppyfind looking at english bulldogs( I want one so bad) they have all sort of fitting names..maybe take a look at a site like that just to get name ideas

Answer #3

Mosby drool slobber box Zeus batman hulk

but you will find the right name, it took me almost 3 days to name on of my dogs.

Answer #4

Axel,Ralph,Dr.Wrinkles…hahah Dr.Wrinkles that’s amazing

Answer #5

Madador spanky bison

Answer #6

ruffels ! super cute 4 bull dogs

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