What do you think about england losing to bangladesh in today's icc world cup?

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Well Bangladesh deserves the win. England were no where in the match except some silly mistake bought them in the game at the end but finally shafiul batted well to give Bangladesh the precious win. Bangladesh is no more a minnow team, they defeated strong New Zealand by 4-0 and defeated Zimbabwean by 3-1 . Couple of months ago they also defeated England in English soil to prove that they can defeat any team in the world. Many people may ask question why they were bowled out for 58 against West Indies? Well i will say that it was just an accident . They are a good team now

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i m frm india and was supportin england today......but sadly it lost...one of the main reasons being kevin petersons absence and stuar broad's abscence....i thought theyd give luke wright a chance ,,,but england seriously need a bowler coz andersons not performin at all...well at a point wen swann and shazad bagged up wickets at quick successions it was turnin out to be englands night but that over frm swann which went for 16 runs changed the game and 34 extras too

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hellow abhas :) kaisa hain?
Well the absence kevin Petersen made the england team stronger actually . Why? because kevin pietersen is very weak in playing left hander spin and he has a very bad record against Bangladesh. pietersen is in out form . On the other hand Eoin Morgan is a super talented irish batsman who plays for england , he scored the highest runs for england today. So your statement about KP is 100% wrong . Again stuart broad, yes he is a good bowler but england took Shahzad replacing Broad and Shahzad did well against Bangladesh. Why don't you think that Bangladesh defeated england because they played well. I know it's hurts because India were unable to defeat England

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