Emporio Armani watch, is it wrong to tell people "it's armani"?

Emporio Armani watch, is it wrong to tell people “it’s armani”? I love my watch, but I feel like it might be a bit like stretching the truth to say it’s just “armani” instead of emporio armani…is that the same company, or are they two different companies?

Answer #1

It would appear Emporio contracted with or collaborated on the design of the watch with Armani…..Armani did the same with the “Giorgio Armani”…..If this is indeed the case, I see no problem in saying it’s an Armani, but I’m not an expert in the area

Answer #2

Everything from Armani Exchange to Armani Collezioni is Armani and they all have the same quality standards. Just like a $12,000 VW Polo and a $65,000 VW Phaeton are all VW’s. As long as it’s original and not a fake it wouldn’t say Armani if it weren’t an Armani. right?

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