What is the most embarrassing thing your parents do?

Answer #1

my mum- Public exhibition of expressing their disgust for something in a childish manner

Answer #2

My dad likes to try to embarass you. He will act like a child and start getting loud. Which im used to it now.

Answer #3

My mom talks and laughs really loud in public about stupid stuff. She also says words that she doesn’t know the meaning of in public. One time I was sent to a group home. During the intake meeting, she started talking about camel toes, not knowing what that is. -_- She has also talked about qui.ffs in public. =[ SO EMBARRASSING!

Answer #4

My parents have actually never embarrassed me…it’s kind of sad, but in a way, I wish they did - at least then, they would have actually been a part of my life rather than a silent partner.

Answer #5

my dad parents minic which pisess me off, if somone says it in a certain way they will copy it

Answer #6

Yes I know exactly what you mean.

Answer #7

True. I understand what you mean.

Answer #8

my mom likes to use other people as examples from her stories and points at them and describes them while were standing right beside them and ther total strangers

Answer #9

my mom when i goshopping(she gotta force me cause i hate shopping)!. i choose clothes and shes like om those are boy clothes and she chooses my clothes and im like noo and she starts lecturing me LOUD and well everybody looks at us.but at the end i get my clothes that i want

Answer #10

oh and she also practicallyBRAGS what i done and people (frends)start giggling ah so embarrasing

Answer #11

My father likes to talk about how Europeans are the best, LOUD. Speaks as if everyone is scum. The tragic thing is, he cannot admit he is a racist Romanian D;

Answer #12

Have sex upstairs while my friends are with me o.0

Answer #13

My mom doesn’t embarrass me as much as she used to but the most embarrassing thing that she has done is dress in immodest clothes, she’s done it 3 times and those 3 times we were in public and I did my best to give off my OWN good impression to show that I was raised well and know how to dress properly.

Answer #14

im so sorry i really am.

Answer #15

my mother likes to bring her religious beliefs into everything which can be a little uncomfortable. If someone says they are having a problem with something she will tell them to pray about it, even though the person does not believe in God. Luckily, she is very sweet and has a rather innocent air about her so no one takes offence. My dad will get very angry about the stupidist things and will rant and rave at you regardless of the fact you are in public. Its strange, if you crash his car, he would be calm, composed and just sort it out, but if your sleeves are too long or you get a bit of cat fur on your clothing he will completely over-react.

Answer #16

my mom pays with change. no dollar bills, no debit/credit card, change. when i know the cashiers and when i dont! and my dad will give me and my sibs big lectures in public. ugh, it gets really annoying.

Answer #17

at least she doesnt pay in cash every single time lol

Answer #18

Nag me in front of people…..-_- God I hate that.

Answer #19

ooooomg tht would b SO hilarious! but sux4 u.srry about tht..did u ask them2…..stop?

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