What are effects of a cannibal?

I’m writing a cannibal story and i need help….How do they act? How would one preform the act of eatting a body without any evidence? Just the obvious stuff…

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Watch Wrong Turn 1 and 2 and The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2. :D

Answer #2

I own them im just too scared to watch them! o.O

Answer #3

They’re pretty good for the most part.

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I’m not sure exactly how they would act, but maybe you could do some research on the Hannibal Lector story and get some ideas of how they would act and such.

Hope I helped. :)

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Well ive been reading online from multi website and “Hannibal Lector” can up quite a few times….The most i’ve found is that they have uncontrolable laughter at times and that the get the same thing as ppl with “Mad cow disease”….oh and they r RELE shaking….kinda like a Psycho or howeva u spell it…lol

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I agree with the movie choices for examples :-)

Answer #7

*Came up

Answer #8

no….. there is one movie…. that was banned from TV…. if you can watch it… i give you props… cuz i cant even get thru the whole thing… im still wondering if its real or not… the movie is “Cannibal Holocaust” uh… only for MATURE audiences only… seriously…. you want to know effects of a REAL cannibal.. then attempt to watch that movie.. and i dont think you can buy it anymore…. its only for stream off the web

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Okay i’ll look for it….I’m extremely sqeemish so idk how well that ill work out… :P

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Jeffrey Dahmer and Eddie Gein are both examples of real life cannibals. I assume you’re thinking of the kind that hunt their prey rather than the tribe sort, and those are the closest you’ll get, I think. Hannibal Lector wasn’t a real person, if you’re writing a story, I’d go off the real thing instead of someone that’s already a derivative.

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oh, sorry I couldn’t help

Answer #12

i was thinking of a teenage girl (myself) who is already in a mental facility, but is released to her family. The gril pretends to be okay, but only becomes more deranged and sick. Then, becomes a mureder/cannibal.

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its kk

Answer #14

Well, that truly all depends on her initial personality. Having the capability to eat a person after she kills them means that she’s quite calm about the entire thing, not shaky and nervous, right? Maybe she just liked certain parts of people. What is it that makes her decide to eat them? Is it primal, is it revenge, does it get her off? Does she feel that eating a person gives her their strength or their abilities, even if not literally? Some tribes eat their dead out of respect, almost recycling them back into the community. That’s still cannibalism.

Answer #15

There was actually a recent case as well of a man in Germany eating another man who had agreed to the cannibalism, the idea being to join themselves together spiritually.. Pretty bizarre but like Noch said there are many different social, societal, and personal reasons for the act.. It really just depends on the person(s), I still personally think it’s gross and freaky though haha

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Cannibal holocaust wasn’t scary at all, more goofy then anything else.. And it’s only banned in Australia and Britain I believe because you can watch the full film on google video.

Answer #17

People staying away from you.

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