How would I create a misty effect when using acrylic paints?

Im doing this painting of a girl looking over a city as the sun is setting and i want the city to have a fog or mist over it and im not sure how i would acheive that effect with acrylics. My teacher said if i used water it could get me that effect but so far it only has made it look bad. so any advice?

Answer #1

dab it with a paper towel and use that as the brush it should have the correct consistency hopefully then

Answer #2

I’ve been able to achieve that sort of affect with a really really dried, hard spread out brush. Not sure if spread out is the right word, but basically an old brush that has hardened, and the bristles are spread out? And then I’d lightly get some paint on just the tips, just a little not a lot, dab off the excess on a paper towel or something, and then lightly dab it onto your canvas. I’m not sure if I am makiing any sense.

Answer #3

no i understand what you are talking about, i will give that a try

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