What is the best and most effective weight loosing tip you can give me?

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Eating healthy. Most people don't get nearly enough vegetables (raw) or fruits (also raw).

If you can stick to that, lean proteins and a moderate amount of whole grains in your diet, even without exercise, you'll lose weight.

Trouble is, most people can't stick to a diet like that.

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Excersize. people say its hell but its not when your having fun. Go out with a group of mates and play cricket or tennis. Its a good way to burn calories and have fun.

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You are what you eat. I think a healthy diet is more effective than any exercise routine.

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I think my answer would coincide with many others. But it's the basic. Eat better, and by better i mean healthier. Avoid too much quantity of foods, eat small, decent portions, and exercise daily.

A healthy heart=a healthy life.

I want to loose weight!

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The best way to lose weight is to work as a mover. But work hard. I lost about 15 pounds in 3 month. i worked sometimes up to 16 hours a day. but it did help. I'm serious. That's a good advice. but if you are looking for an easy way - remember THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!!. nothing will help you as much as hard work

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