Edward Cullen or Jake Black?

Me and my friend have constantly been arguing over who should be with bella! Edward, or Jake? I personally say Edward..by far. Her on the other hand, totally for Jake. We were just wondering what you thought. Edward, or jake? Why?

Answer #1

EDWARD!!! he deserves bella and bella loves him more then she loves jake… all that stuff falls into place in the 4th book

Answer #2

Its kind of hard 2 chose between the 2. Eward has protected Bella but then left her. Jake was a friend 2 Bella plus he is O SO FINE and HOT. But so is Eward I think I would chose… Jake would be my vote for now cause Eward did leave Bella.

Answer #3

Edward is perfect for Bella. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. Besides, if Bella was with Jacob where would that leave me?! As far as I’m concerned Bella can have Edward as long as she saves Jake for me ;D

Answer #4

Yes, definetely Edward! My friend also thinks that she should be with Jacob, but honestly, who would even think like that?? Edward’s so much better! (And cuter, and sweeter, and mroe romantic!)

Answer #5

DUH! EDWARD AL THE WAY! I hate Jacob! Vampires beat werewolves by far!

Answer #6


Answer #7

I don’t like Jacob much. He annoys me, especially in Eclipse.

Answer #8

EDWARD!!! I just finished breaking dawn and I am very happy with the ending:)

Answer #9

edward but Jacob is sooo much cuter!!

Answer #10

I can’t choose. Maybe Jacob. :D but I love both of them so it doesn’t matter to me(:

Answer #11

I DO like edward but I think that jacob would be a pretty cute match for her too though ;)

Answer #12

omg I cant believe its even a question, of courc edward

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