why is education such a challenge for some of the people?

Answer #1

I think it’s b.cos of the lack of interest,lack of discipline,lack of enough finance,lack of moltivation,lack of foresight,peer pressure etc. It could be as a result of many things bt it all comes down to the individual.

Answer #2

I think you are right, people lack the motivation, and/or willpower to educate themselves, or for that matter try to better themselves.

Answer #3

Hmm well lots of people just can’t focus on the good and important stuff they focus on parties and friends and stuff like that.Most of the time you are going to need education to be successful in life..to get a good paying job..and it goes on..Some people although don’t have the confidence but talking to somebody can really get it back after a while.Just know that you are only capable of doing your best and thats all that should matter to yourself and others.

Answer #4

There could be many reasons why school might be a challenge to some, some people get bullied, others have gotten involved in dr$gs and in gangs and know only have their mind focused on that. Others might have problems at home, or just have everyday struggles. Others might not be in their subject of interent and such. Or it could simply be that they are blind and don’t realize how important this is. There are way to many reasons why people don’t like them and to them it seems like an obstacle. I persanally don’t see a problem with going to school everyday and traying your hardest, and taking some time after school to do homework, I mean that is your job as a kid that is all you have to do. But for some it might be harder and might think differently.

Answer #5

I can only tell you about the kids I’ve worked with. Even the trouble makers. They were having a tough time combined with self-esteem issues. It’s easy to judge kids as being lazy, or unmotivated, or unwilling to do better for them. It’s easier than seeing that maybe they need help. Well so what do parents do, they punish them instead of trying to figure out what is going on. Of course this is oh so effective. I worked with a girl who was extremely depressed. Not to mention she didnt believe she was very smart. A couple of months and she was beginning to feel some what better, she stopped skipping class, she stopped showing up late, and she moved from failing most of her classes to only having Ds in two classes. Turns out she wasnt stupid or lazy. Similar stories concerning several kids I worked with, especially the ones on dr.ugs. My friend was working in an alternative school the same year. She grew to be very fond of the girls she was working with, and her stories werent very different. Could it be a weird anomaly, maybe. But I doubt it.

Answer #6

I believe education is a challenge for some because they have a different learning style that’s not being used by the teacher. For the most part, the school system is set up for auditority learners. Some learners are kinestetic or active learners. They learn best by hands-on activities. Or some learners are visual learners that need pictures and illustrations to gain greater insight. I believe the learners whose language is spoken the less in the school system is the active, hands on learner. For the most part, school is a lot of paperwork and lecture! I am all in for schools to teach in all languages active, visual, kinestetic, and auditory. It would be more interesting and productive for all learners!

Answer #7

I really love how people try to disguise the reasons behind “struggling in school”. The reason, the absolute most common reason kids struggle in school is because they just lack the intelligence to be competent in it. I just don’t understand why so many people have so much trouble recognizing stupidity. I may be a little bias, but I truly believe the reason why education is such a challenge for some people, is that “some people” are just actually unintelligent.

I understand that there may be some extreme cases, but they are few and far between, and don’t imply if speaking generally.

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