Do your pupils dialate when you take ecstasy?

Other than that…tell me everything you know about Ecstasy. I’ve been to google. I am doing this experiment for health class, to see what people actually know off the top of their heads about Ecstasy

Answer #1

It’s a “party/love” drug. It’s actually MDMA. It gives you a sense of euphoria, love, belonging, acceptance. It makes your pupils dialate, and your eyes bounce up and down. Your jaw chatters, which is the reason why ectasy users chew gum, pacifiers, or other things. When your on it, you are intensly happy, you love everyone, dancing feels amazing. It uses your seratonin in your brain, and when the ecstasy wears off, your seratonin is close to depleated and it takes time for your body to generate more. Which is why most people feel a sense of depression after using it for long periods of time. Bright lights, strobe lights, glow sticks, vicks inhalers, pacifiers, orange juice, water are all a neccesity when you are on it. The more you take it the less it effects you and the more pills you have to take each time. You will never feel the same effects you feel the first time you use it either. sighs I used to be a major raver back in my day. Any more questions feel free to ask.

Answer #2

Hm…I know of what you speak…but I don’t think it’s the same kind. :) :) :)

Answer #3

extacy also comes in diff forms of pills. colors size. they often have pictures of like gun or other stuff imprintted to tell the differnce. prices range from 6-15 dollars per pill

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