How has the economic crisis affected your lives so far?

Is it being exaggerated with respect to your day-to-day lives? Are you spending less and saving more?

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s exaggerated, wall-street confidence appears low - I am definitely spending less, bottoning down the hatches - no nation has ever taxed it’s way into prosperity.

Answer #2

Nope…I’ve always saved, and spent the least I could get by on…never had a new car, or a new house…Did get a BIG television (new even!), tho…now I can watch the bad news everyday, in HUGE living color!… :)


Answer #3

Almost all my investments are in the tank. That’s how it’s impacted me. As a result, I am spending less and trying to build up cash reserves in case it continues to spiral

Answer #4

“no nation has ever taxed it’s way into prosperity.”

And no nation has ever spent its way into prosperity, like the GOP has.

My small business is definately feeling the crunch big time. I fear it will get a lot worse before it gets any better.

We can thank 28 years of reaganomics for this mess…

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