Eating the shells of sunflower seeds

Is it bad for you to eat the shells of sunflower seeds? My younger sister (16) just puts the whole thing in her mouth and eats it. Is that bad?

Answer #1

Probably not, besides the higher salt content (promotes high blood pressure and other health problems) she might get from it.

I suppose the roughage would be good for her, but she might need to chew pretty well on them. I can imagine that it could be pretty hard on teeth too.

But as far as ingesting it, it won’t really kill her on the spot or anything.

Answer #2

I had done that before. Bad idea it hurts a lot you can feel it digesting and moving through your intestines.and when it is time for it to come out …it hurts a lot and you are in so much pain…and pain killers DO NOT WORK

I sujest you tell your sister to stop before she is in emerg

Answer #3

I did that before, Very bad idea, it will digest but it will hurt going through the intestines and hurts more comming out. because how rough the shells are, they are scrapping the insides. which is bad.

Answer #4

It won’t get digested, so it’s like swallowing any random inedible object. It probably won’t do much damage, but enough of it can.

Answer #5

bad idea! I got a (butt)boatload of splinters in my anus. punishable pun, indeed. the worst part was that the male doctor was like 6’6 and had gorilla hands. so yeah, laugh it up now- but it was no laughing matter at the time. don’t do it kid!

signed, the sore swollower.

Answer #6

I did that and all I can say is DON’T ! There are much better ways of getting fiber.IMAGINE EATING , DIGESTING, AND… WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE! I recomend the seeds without the shells!

Answer #7

I did it …DON’T! Imagine eating glass, digesting it, then , well you get the picture. Let me put it this way, there are much better ways f getting fiber!

Answer #8

Yes, it’s very harmful. You can get an inflammed appendix (appendicitis)which is an emergency and if not operated right away it could be deadly. It’s not going to happen from eating them like that just once, but if she eats them like that often, she will get appendicitis. I know because I did… as a child I used to eat them with the shells and I had to have my appendix removed at age of 15.

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