Does anyone know what a eating disorder rehab is like?

next week i have to o for an evaluation to check whether i should be put into a partial hospitalization or a residential program. does anyone know how awful either one of these is?

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Either one is like any rehab, I have been to a couple differant ones, the hospital ones r the worst I hated it, the residential isn't so bad

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It depends. I've seen really crappy programs and I've seen amazing programs. The really good ones will have like 2 or so beds per room. Then there's lots of therapy and activities during the day.

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uhg hate therapy soooooo much. what about the eating situation?

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They've got a regular eating schedule. Most will basically have privileges linked to eating. Basically if you want certain things (e.g. to wear regular clothes), you have to eat a certain amount.

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thankss. Im really looking forward to it, not. If you don't mind me asking about your recovery i'll funmail you?

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The one I went to was pretty good. They had group therapy where they would ask you how your week was and so on and so forth. One on One they would go and try to find out why you had the disorder and work through it and you could carry it over to your group therapy seeing your in the same area it was Children's Hospital in Boston. Also they are really good with keeping up with home work if you are afraid you will fall behind. They will get homework from your school and they will fax work you did back. For the most part they are extremely friendly and helpful.

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I'm a therapist, I don't have an eating disorder. The places I'm talking about are through kid's i've worked with or colleagues who've worked in residential facilities.

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