what can and can't you eat while you have the stomach bug?

i have the stomache bug,i was vomiting all last night and didnt get any sleep. my mom as been giving me lemonade and water and really weak diluted pop. cant i drink orange juice or something? and when will it go away? because its my birthday in 4 days and im suppost to go out :(

Answer #1

Depends on how severe the tummy bugs are. I strongly suggest you try to drink water even if you cannot keep the water down. You can go through days without eating but a day or two without water will lead to dehydration and you will end up needing to visit the hospital to get some drips into you….Try vegetable or chicken soup as you whatever you eat, you will end up pooing them out anyway if you have the bugs and the runs too. Bread and crackers would also help.

Answer #2

I would stick to clear fluids until you can hold something down, then start eating things that are easy on the stomach - dry toast, crackers, etc.

Answer #3

yeah id have pretty much said soup… my gran swore by soup.

Answer #4

Also try purity’s apple juice or cloudy apple juice. It’ll help soothe your stomach and maybe get you to keep something down.

Answer #5

what about orange juice? because i hate apple juice :/

Answer #6

Orange juice can cause acidity levels to rise and make nausea worse. What about pear juice? Or apricot juice? Even mango juice might be an option.

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