is it natural for me to feel sick after having a little bite of a dry cracker when i have the stomach bug?

its the first thing ive ate since 10:30pm tuesday . its now 5:55pm wednesday i had a little tiny bite of the dry cracker and i just felt like im going to be sick. should i feel like that?

Answer #1

Yes, that is pretty normal. Just make sure that you eat slowly, one at a time, wait for the nausea to subside and then eat another one. Stomach bugs makes eating tedious.

Answer #2

ive only finished one.and its made me feel quite sickÔÇŽi cant even smell food without wanting to throw up =/

Answer #3

drink sprte or 7up i heelps when u cant or only eatng crackers, suck on pepermints too. Also if your dry heaving or throwing up keep a cold rag on ur throat it keeps your throat cool so u wont throw up as much. Also lay in a dark quiet area.. all of this helps when u have the stomache bug

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