Is it bad to eat raw cookie dough?

Answer #1

Yes, it’s not healthy. I forgot why, but my cooking teacher told me it’s something you shouldn’t do at all. I think she was only talking about homemade cookie dough. I don’t know about pre-made cookie dough.

Answer #2

I’d avoid both in general, really. Better safe than sorry/

Answer #3

technically yes. Because most of the time there are raw eggs in the mix and so salmonella is bad. It’s bad, but soooooo addicting.

Answer #4

Yes. Everytime I eat some my mom yells & tells E I’m gonna get salmonella lol

Answer #5

That’s right, I just now remembered. It was because of salmonella.

Answer #6

What’s a cookie, please?

Answer #7

Someone told me the chance of getting an infected egg is about 1:1000. In the past it was much rarer. In the old days nobody gave a second thought to drinking home made egg nog or mayonnaise made with raw eggs. Now it is a little risky.

Answer #8

I think you call them biscuits down under.

Answer #9

Depends. If you have baking powder or yeast in it, that may cause you a bad stomach ache. The yeast creates gases while the yeast grows, before baking and thus produces tiny bubbles in the dough. Baking powder does very much the same thing only it does so during baking. You should not eat either raw. Or else they may foam up your stomach.

Eating raw egg is dangerous, too. You can get salmonella.

Answer #10

i cant eat it anyway. being diabetic SUCKS!!

Answer #11

Salmonella is on the outside of the egg the only way you get it inside is if the shell is soft or lacking nutrients.

Answer #12

Diabetics can eat cookies you just have to monitor what you ate and how much you eat.

Answer #13

yes, for some reason cookie dough is more fattening then baked cookies … it taste so good though ;3

Answer #14

Apparently so, but I’ve always eaten raw cookie dough. Nothing’s happened to me yet.

Answer #15

Yes, in my opinion it is, but yet so addicting to eat ;3 With raw eggs mixed in the dough itself, salmonella is bad and can cause your stomach to be upset. Never happened to me yet, but be aware of how much cookie dough you consume until you can’t eat no more.

Answer #16

I ate so much At and wondered if it was bad for me but never got sick :P

Answer #17

I’ve always taken small bits of store bought cookie dough and have never gotten sick. My dad tells me to stop tho. lol

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