Why do i get a pain in my ears when i eat something?

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Yes, happens to me too sometimes. More like beneath the tongue, streaching towards the ear. I don't know why that happens but it only happens to me when I eat something spicy and hot. Doesn't feel good lol -.-

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maybe its because of a dislocated jaw and following swelling

stomach pains, it hurts when I eat

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apples do the same to me, but not applesauce

Ear Pains
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for me its any type of food, :L

Stomach pain after eating

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It may be caused by built up pressure caused from infection or a wax blockage. If this continues for more than a day, ask a doctor.

How is abdominal pain while pregnant due to not eating possible?
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haha :)

When I eat I sometimes get a really big pain in my heart

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