Could you eat a microwaved Peep?

Answer #1

Wudnt it melt?

Answer #2

well yea i guess sooo but would it still taste like a peep?

Answer #3

It may and if it does it may be a bit creamier to, u know wat I mean, and it may be more sweet

Answer #4

try it & see..

Answer #5

i would think it would bubble up like fluff does in the microwave

Answer #6

& what exactly is fluff?

Answer #7

pretty much spreadable marshmellow. its really sticky and thick so you put it in the microwave to soften it and make it easier to spread. but if you put it in to long it expands and when you poke it down the air gets released.

Answer #8

You can eat it. It’ll be like marshmallow cream though :o.

Answer #9

wouldn’t it be all brownish

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