What is a good way for a 13 year old to earn money in the summer?

I live on a private street.. so things like lemonade stands wont work because nobody goes down my road. I want it to be something I can do with my friends, and that’s good for summer, like something outdoors. Any ideas?

P.S: Chores dont count because trust me.. ive tried to do chores to earn money but my parents never give in, they just make me do all the work because it needs to be done.

Answer #1

How about being a camp counselor? You can watch over 5 years olds & teach them how to play do arts & crafts & perhaps watch them while swimming? They may pay you minimum wage but it is an option!

Another thing is walking dogs pays well & also outdoors.

Babysitting is a way I made some extra cash over the summer.

Tutoring low level kids can also be a way.

No real placed will allow a 13 year old in their place of business unless it is a friend of the family that may have an office or shop of some sort…No offense here, but you are too young to be able to carry out responsible things like money or worse without there being mistakes made & clients furious. Perhaps when you are a bit older you can.

Try a hair salon as well, perhaps you can wash hair or sweep up cut hair…its a job no less & one that you just may be qualified to do!

Good luck.

Answer #2

Maybe you can find a nice old lady in your neighborhood who will pay you for mowing her lawn and removing the weeds from her flowerbeds? Or someone who will pay you for washing their cars?

What about babysitting?

Or maybe you can make beautiful things and sell them on e-bay or a flea market? Like felt fairies… http://funadvice.com/r/3m9crd4653 http://funadvice.com/r/bjcugic67ts /big/1267459226-608.jpg or like painted gypsum figurines? http://funadvice.com/r/154fr87jsb5

Answer #3

You can mow lawns or babysit childern :)

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