Do you believe the earth is hollow?

It’s very convincing when when you read about Admiral Byrd,

Answer #1

I don’t believe the earth is hollow. There are so many things in the planet. (Coffins, bones, dirt, insects, water, etc) I would think all this stuff fills the earth up.

Answer #2

How is that possible? I believe it’s not.

Answer #3

The Earth is not hollow - around the Earth’s core is lava and magma, then there is a very thick layer of rock, then there is the crust

Answer #4

That could never be plausible. If it were, you would not be alive. Gravitational pull is caused by the amount of mass a large object has. If the earth were hollow, the earth would not have nearly enough mass to sustain a gravitational pull of any sort. In addition, in the beginning the earth was formed by dust and debris. It was compacted together in the most even form possible, an oblate spheroid. There for proving the earth could never be hollow.

Answer #5

dont know…. maybe , anything is possible

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