Can I pierce my ears with a thumb tack?

I was wandering if I pierce my ear with ice,achol and a thumb tac is it ok?I actually did it already but I was wandering of all you guys out there your opinions?

Answer #1

I guess you could. but then you have to stick the earing in and that will kill. what I do is I get a sewing needle and tie a string through the hole. then I tie the other end of the string to the earing. that way it’s like one object as a whole and hurts SO much less.

Answer #2

I like ear piercings and they look cool but I dont think ya should use a thumb tack,, you should probby put a sharp earing (like the 1s ya get when you 1st get them pierced) through your ear,, or go 2 a pro! I did a couple on my own but the further up my ear I went the more painful it got,, so I started going 2 a place in town called adrenaline.

Answer #3

you can, but if you are 16 or older you can go get them pierced at a claire’s or icing.. they do it for free. so does wal mart.

Answer #4

you’ll get an infection if the needle isn’t sterile. you’ll have to use alcohol and a lighter to sterilize it. That’s how my grandma did my sister’s ears.

I’m a redneck, though, so don’t sue me when your earlobe turns black. why not just pay $20 for a pro to do the job? I always do.

Answer #5

claires accesories pierce ears if your under 16, but only if your with an adult.

And if the thumb tac wasn’t clean you might get an infection.

Answer #6

you, can but I would not recommend that, seek a professional but if not, then go ahead, and proceed with a more sterile object.. :]

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Answer #8

Well there is nothing we can do about it now is there because you went ahead and did it like a stupid childish ignorant person! You knew that if you posted before piercing it, you would get negative answers. Is this attention seeking?

Your ear can be seriously infected and depending where on your ear it was, it can cause minor damage to the inside and probably affect your hearing. You are so stupid, don’t you ever think before you do things like this? Oh yeah it’s cool!!! NOT - we all looking down our noses at you now because of doing that. You could scar yourself and in the future wish you never did that as a younger person! If I was you I would take it out right now and keep spraying antiseptic spray on it. Your doctor won’t be too pleased when you start moaning to him/her about a pain in your ear!

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Answer #10

lol its like me piercing my ear with a tooth pick x]

Answer #11

Well, our opinion doesn’t really matter now - you already did it.

Answer #12

LOL THAT SO STUPID!! XD =] but its smexy idea =o

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