How can i make ear stretching pain go away?

how can I make the pain go away ?...when I went from 00 to 7/16 it bled...and got big but not from can I make it go away?

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Keep it clean with salt water and take mild pain killers. You have now got a wound in your ear with a foreign body in it. If it looks like there is an infection in it then see your doctor for some antibiotics or remove thd piercing.

ANSWER #2 of 2

using plastic when stretching your ears, cleaning them everyday with dettol or baby oil and/or stretching up one size at a time will all help against getting a blowout or infection.

also, if your going for bigger sizes, at anything bigger than 8mm, you can use silicone tunnels to stretch, which are a lot less painfull in my opinion.

hope this helped

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