Ear piercing again!

How much does peircing your ears cost in the uk? Is claire’s the best place?

Answer #1

I don’t know how much it costs, just don’t get it done at claires.

Answer #2

yeah I wouldn’t want a teenager to pierce my ears. it’s like having a blind guy do brain surgery.

Answer #3

like I said in the last one, don’t get it done at claries… go to a piercer at a tattoo place or something like that. they are the cleanest.

usually you can get a piercing for free or very cheap like 5-10UK$ if you buy your jewelry there too.

Answer #4

I got my ears done at claires, their cheapest is £9 per ear. so it would be £18 for both. that is the cheapest they do - thats for the plain silver studs; other studs cost more. :) Hope I helped

Answer #5

Claire’s isn’t the best place, they’re not true professionals at least the ones here aren’t. Get them done by a REAL professional. As for the price, just call local piercing/tattoo places and see what they say.

Answer #6

At Claire’s, any teenager looking for an after-school job can be piercing your ears.

Find a better place, but I wouldn’t recommend a shady tattoo place.

Answer #7

no dont get it done by some inexpirienced idiot at a salon or mall who uses the gun I wont bother explaning why there not real peircers but if you want a real peircing, you get it done with the surgical steel needle because the gun is full of germs from other people blood because they cant sterilize it and a tattoo place isnt shady, there really the only people who have an actual certificate that says there profesional peircers unlike some high school student who got a peice of paper from passing how to peirce fruit with a gun

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