What was your favorite thing to eat while pregnant?

What was your “Favorite” thing to eat when you were pregnant? I loved Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches.

Answer #1


I’ve never been pregnant, but my Mom liked pickles and sour cream. Which is just gross. With my little sister, it was ice cream, but I don’t remember what flavor.

What’s interesting, is as much as she had her “favorites”, there were some foods she wouldn’t go near. Fried chicken was one of them…they always tell the story of how my Dad came home one night with a huge bucket of fried chicken, and my Mom smelled it, turned green, and threw the entire bucket out of the window of their 5-story Chicago apartment.


Answer #2

I loved pepper. Pepper pepper pepper! Pepper in my milk, pepper on my cereal, pepper on my everything. That was really the only food craving I had though, my pregnancy didn’t last long.

Answer #3

Dr. Pepper and high school pizza. That is when I was pregnant with my first one. (I was not in high school so the pizza was hard to come by)

When I was pregnant with my fourth and fifth, I wanted cantaloupe all the time.

My second and third it was MCDONALDS!

Answer #4

while I was pregnant I craved apples, unset jelly (when its in the cubes still straight out the packet before being melted down) also burgerz!..apart from the apples it was all cr*p luckily im not really paying for it after the birth :) havent put on too much weight

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