Big deal bout high school?

Why was or is high school a big deal for you? What were or are the ups and downs for you personally.

Answer #1

High school is a big deal for me because I have to get int a good high school so I can persue my dreams which I wouldnt do good if I got into a bad high school

Answer #2

I am in year 11, and I had ups and downs, with behaviour and friends was often excluded didnt work but I regret not doing coursework when or if your in year ten I beg you to complete coursework when you get it cause you wont need to do rushing around and you can jam with your friends.

Answer #3

I am in highschool now in gr 11. Until gr 11 everything was easy. but in the past couple months I have noticed, people are changing, school is harder and life is more UGH

Answer #4

It’ a big deal for me case if I want to do something with my life,I have to have a good education,not sitting around the house crying because I’m to lazy to get up and do something. I can’t be a graphic designer just sitting and being lazy,high school will prepare me for the future and for bigger and better things.

Answer #5

high skew was kinda a big deal I nvr stressed it. and I got gud grades and den I got kickd out and I still graduated early but I nvr had many ups and downs yea der was alwaz girl drama and guy drama da girl like me and she gota man and he finds out and den want to play big boy but like I said I nvr stressd it. I spent most of my skew years cheerin people up helpin people. fightin when steped 2. but yea. I had opinions bout everytin so I sumtimes got in truble in class 4 arguein wit da teacher but her atleast I perticipated hahhaha

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