Can i highlight my hair right after dying it?

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You can, its just not the greatest idea.
I would wait at least a week so the colour treatment is already worked in from the colour you just dyed it. The highlights probley wont show up as good if you do it much sooner, and it would suck to spend money on something that doesn't turn out.

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I agree with everyone else...If you want you could go to a vitamin store and buy hair dye there and I believe it doesnt damage your hair. Its with out all those chemicals and stuff. Thats what my friend uses and she doesnt have to wait days get it the way she wants it.

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well doing it RIGHT AFTER might not be the best idea. if you actually want the color to show up, you have use the dye on dry, unwashed dirty hair, so I would suggest after you dye it just wait 2 days without washing it, and then highlight your hair at that time.

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I would not recommend it

I suggest when you do the highlights to put the dye around your highlighted processing area as the base color.

You will most likely be using a hair lightener such as bleach/frosting.

Putting that over color treated hair or recently colored hair could cause unwanted tones like really orange or red brassy tones. Which may require to processing treatments and toners.

If I were you I would have someone to help if you are doing it yourself.

I would say for best results get it done professionally.

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I usually do, but I get it done at the salon, so I dont usually have any problems...

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You could, but it would be good to wait a week or two. Your hair will be less damaged if you wait!

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Well, it depends on the color of the dye. If it's a medium to light shade I would say it is safe as the hair will take less time to lighten, but if you got in a darker shade I wouldn't advice you getting highlight at all because the bleach will really tire the hair out since they'll have to let it sit out much longer

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