Is it possible to highlight your hair completely in place of dying it so that it all ends up the one color?

Hi everyone. I am just wondering if its possible for hairdressers to highlight all of your hair (in this case, blonde) instead of dying it. I have darker brown hair and I am thinking of going blonde but I don’t want to “dye” my hair because I hear its rather rough on your hair. Ive had pieces of my hair highlighted before and blended highlights and I know they are easier on your hair and infact, it makes it really soft :) So does anyone know if thats possible? Or would I have to bleach it then dye it blonde?

Answer #1

You can have your hair lightened with foils. It wont end up all one colour but they can do it so it looks blonde overall. I have brown hair, and my colourist put platinum blonde, caramel blonde and chocolate brown through my hair, and overall it ended up being honey blonde

Answer #2

Hilighting is not, in any way, better for your hair than colour. In fact it’s worse. You can’t colour (dye) your hair lighter anyway, so you would have to hilighten it if you want to go lighter. So to answer your question, Yes it’s possible and it’s called a full head of hilights.

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