Dying blue hair splat?

Hey, I’m dyeing my hair blue soon; I’ll be using Splat, the Blue Envy color, since I’ve heard some really great things about it, apart from it’s messiness. Now, I’ve only done streaks before (red), and never bleached my hair, so does anybody have any advice on how to do the best job possible, on both bleaching and dyeing? Thanks!

Answer #1

just read the directons on the box 0-0

Answer #2

its just a simple thing but use a towl that you dont want when bleaching, I didnt relize thiis probilby because I wasnt thinking but I completely ruined a towl

Answer #3

it would be best to get your hair profesionally bleached at a salon or mall bleach destroys your hairs health, strength and shine so the less time its on the better which is why you should let a pro do it also if you have naturally dark hair then orange is the natural pigment under that so when you bleach it, it will turn orange then a few more bleaches will turn it blonde if your hair is orange and not blonde when you put the blue dye in it will turn bright green because blue and orange make green

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