During neck surgery... sue?

During neck surgery a month ago the dr. Was screwing in a screw and broke my neck. it took the dr. A extra hour to try to fuse the broken vertabrate and when I came to he never told me what he did. He told everyone in the waiting room, but not me. When I found out I just thought it was a accident and I never though of suing him. But a lot of people told me that I should. I am really confused. I really think that the dr. Did not mean to he is really nice, but the broken neck had made the surgery a lot harder to get through. I really need help here. Please be honest. Thanks.

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I know he was doing his job but when I go over the precedure and he made a mistake then I think that he should be more careful... I am in pain.. I have to deal with a broken neck and surgery where they put pins and rods in my neck... PAIN PAIN PAIN... im not saying that it is all his fault but this whole thing could have been avoided.

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the poor guy was just doing his job, and he messed up. what do you do for a living? have you ever messed up? for the purpose of making a point, we'll assume you work at mcdonalds. the passenger ordered no pickles, but you gave them no onions. realizing you screwed up, you give them a few onions wrapped up, and tell the driver to just add the onions, and pull the pickles. now the douchebag passenger wants to sue you. "but it was an honest mistake," you say. too bad. you shouldn't have screwed up. a doctor has a lot more consequences if he screws up...but it's the same concept. he does his job the best he can, but sometimes he messes up. he fixed it as well as he could, and you're healed now. give the poor guy a break, and let him live his life.

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If I were you, I wouldn't sue. He didn't break your neck on purpose. If you did sue, that'd be mean.

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Well, this is a moral decision.

On the one hand, yes, he did accidentally break the vertabrae, but he also did his best to repair the damage...you could sue him for malpractice.

On the other hand, neck surgery is very tricky because of all the small bones that are involved and this kind of surgery-related injury is quite common.

What it comes down to is: will it make you feel better to sue him so that he has to pay hefty fines and possibly lose his license, or can you be satisfied with the fact that he did his best?

I doubt very much that it was his intention to keep the truth from you, because he wouldn't have told your family if that was the case.

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See a personal injury Lawyer asap to learn your options, if any.

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Why are people comparing something as trivial as Mcdonalds with the possibility of you having eventually develop a permanent disability? Talk to a lawyer. The sooner the better while is fresh in your mind.

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if it still hurts then get like a couple million

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