How can I learn to dunk by 9th grade?

Does anybody have any exercises I can do to be able to dunk by the 9th grade. I don’t have any equipment or a gym

Answer #1

Practice in your school or rec center or any other place you can go to :) I think if it’s really important to you, you’ll find ways to do so.

Answer #2

You just need to join a basketball team or something and see if they can teach you there and that will serve as practice there. Also you can go to your local rec center to practice everyday and to get better. Practice makes perfect. Also don’t give up, even dough sometimes it might seem like you just can’t do it, give yourself some confidence and know you can.

Answer #3

if I were you I would just mainly focus on getting lots of leg power for jumping… bleacher step up and boxes are great work outs for jumping.

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