How to do something you no is wrong but you have to do it

How to do something you no is wrong but you have to do it

Answer #1

I would answer it, but the last 2 answers I just saw before me pretty much say what I would’ve said. so listen to them because they have the right idea. and so should you.

Answer #2

Sneaking out to meet your friends doesn’t have a manditory sound to it…why do you think you HAVE to do it?? If you know it’s wrong, then the only answer is to NOT do it…if ya get caught…there goes your parents trust…and it’ll take a very long time to get it back.

When its got to be done, its always right.

This advice is not applicable to this particular question…think long and hard before you decide to take the risk.


Answer #3

you dont “have” to do anything you have a choice and sneaking out to meet your friends is not something you have to do you need to grow up a bit more and realise you have choices, and only YOU can make them dont be forced to do them just because some idiot friend said you had to

Answer #4

Yeah - sneaking out to meet up with your friends does not classify as “having” to do it. You know what is right and wrong. Do the right thing :)

Besides nothing good ever comes from sneaking out and meeting your friends!!

Answer #5

When its got to be done, its always right. Whatever you do have no emoition when your doing it because it will just get in the way of you lol

Answer #6

Do it very carefully. What is it? Perhaps I could give you some tips.

Answer #7

ITS sneeking out to meet my friends

Answer #8

Depends on what it is, really

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