Regrets, does it mean you were wrong?

If you regret something does it mean its wrong?

Answer #1

No not really. I regret a few things that I have done in life but at the time I did them it was the right thing to me. You have to remember why you did what you did and leave it at that.

Answer #2

never regret what you did. only regret what you DIDN’T do. life’s short. don’t spend your days down in the dumps thinking about what you did last night and how you shouldn’t have done it. in a few months your not even going to remember it. just smile =)

Answer #3

not always. you can regret something just because you feel bad about it or think it was stupid. but it wasnt necessarily wrong. you just have to forget about it because, how are you going to change it? there’s no use in regretting the past that you can’t change.

Answer #4

Not necceserily it just means that your not sure that it was the best thing to do, well thats how I feel when I regret something

Answer #5

no not really because maybe you just feel it and it’s not wrong to regret over something

Answer #6

Not all the time, but its possible.

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