Say merry Christmas through txt message in a cute way?

how should I wish someone merry christmas & happy birthday in a super sweet & cute way.. like through a text.. haa I don’t know this is a difficult but stupid question.

Answer #1

How about you make vid with your phone of you telling the, then send it. Be somewhere neat and look cute.

Answer #2

Make a pic of yourself with a christmas-hat on or stuff, holding a cut-out heart in your hand, and then write something like: “A very merry xmas and birthday! Hope you have the most amazing time of your life:) Here is a picture to make it even more amazing:)” Lmao I have no idea. Im not good at writing letters xD

Answer #3

aw I like the vid idea

Answer #4

well I mean something like a personal message from the heart

Answer #5

just send them like a forward or icon with a message.thats cute I guess.

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