Dull boring hair

How can I get my hair to look fabulous like you would see on tv or moives. I’ve seen a bunch of hair styles that I like but I can never get may hair to look like that. What are good shampoos and hair products?

Answer #1

go to a hair salon, im sure they’ll pretty up your hair!

Answer #2

most hair you see in mags or tv isnt real..they have extensions and hair pieces. dont be hard on yourself or your hair.. and really to do you hair all pretty and flashy just takes practice and the right equipment

Answer #3

Theres a couple things you can do: pick a product that is made specially for your hairtype. I personally perfer herbal essences since theres a ton of different types that all work exceptionally well (besides the volume one. its way too greasy).also, try highlights.they can really make a difference for the look of your hair without a lot of work and its subtle. also useing too much conditioner can kill your hair and so can too much or too little washing. finally try experimenting a bit to find what style works best with your hair, not what looks best on other people because everyone has different hair. Hope that helps :-)

Answer #4

Well, I have aesome hair, I went to a salonand told them to do whatever they had to do with me, and it turned out awesome!

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