Dry humping/pregnant

So me and my girlfriend were dry humping I had boxers on and she had jeans shorts and underwear and I came while we were in the middle of pressing is it possible she could get pregnant even though I had boxers on and she had shorts and underwear

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nope it's not possible for it to soak through, the semen has to enter the vagina for her to get pregnant. so if you're being truthful about this situation, then nope! she's fine!

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did she get pregnant??

When can the semens pass through dry humping ?
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only if semen gets in her then yes.

Is your vagina tighter when you are pregnant?
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yes it is posibl

Dry humping objects
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Unless you're lying

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is it possible for it to soak threw?

Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?
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no...it's not that wet

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