Where can I get a good cheap drum kit?

what is a good cheap drum kit for rock druming and where can I get it from

Answer #1

spoonman is right my first kit was around 600 bucks but I had to get new drum heads etc. I was stupid and bought mine from a pawn shop. Check out Craigslist your local music store or even ebay hope that helps man!

Answer #2

dude, if you want a drum kit, you got to b looking at around 800$, the drummer from my band has a Tama drum kit and loves his Zidijan cymbals, good kit, he love rokin out on it, if your just starting you might b better off just gettign a cheaper 500$ kit, and then saving for a better one once you know your style, if you just want a 500$ one then go to teh local music store! Peace out dude!

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