How do you get good clothes for a cheap price?

How do you get good clothes for a cheap price? I am going back to school on the 13th, and this year my mom dosen’t want to spend $1,000 on my back to school clothes!!! So how do I get good clothes for cheap?

Answer #1

you can look for “lots” on ebay…

tshirt lots, jeans lots and so forth

You can find so many clothes and styles that you like…

In the past, I was able to buy alot of my daughter’s clothes off of ebay and it didn’t kill my pocketbook doing so!

Answer #2

why dont you try very cheap places BUT piece them together with expensive stuff that way everyone wont know where its from believe me thats wat i do

Answer #3

Jeans warehouse

Answer #4

go to primark theyve got loads of nice stuff an there really cheap.

Answer #5

where do u usually shop at?

i get all my stuff at american eagle for the most part and they r pretty cheap

Answer #6

I have said it before and I will say it again … Ebay is a girls best friend =]

Answer #7

look at

Answer #8

target,mervyns,wal-mart,lake-elsinore outlet

Answer #9

Nodstrom rack is a good place to check out as well, if you shop their “out of season” stuff, it can be an even better deal.

Answer #10

Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Wet Seal are the greatest!!!

Answer #11

In this site where you can buy low-cost, high quality clothing. You can go to this site to see. Here you can buy certain products you need. (

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