Positive drug test if you're around someone who does drugs?

If you dont take drugs but your around someone who does, will that show up on a drug test??

Answer #1

I heard of a case (on Loveline) where a lady had given some oral lovin’ to her meth addicted boyfriend, and then tested positive for meth. Supposedly, meth concentrates in seminal fluid at 10 times the concentration of the addicts blood. Who knew!

Answer #2

depends on a lot of stuff hash defintly wont weed will if you inhale anough of it heavyer drugs like opium and crack defintly will

Answer #3

hmm well I guess if you inhale smoke from like weed probably? I dont know how other drugs work…

Answer #4

omg loveline is a wonderful show xD dr drew!

Answer #5

it depends on what it is, pot, hash, I think postly the ones that you smoke.

Answer #6

no but probably if you touch one of them it would.

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