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Drug decriminalization worked in Portugal...

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...why can it not work elsewhere?

In 2001, out of money to fight the drug war, and with the drug lords becoming a serious political threat, Portugal took the brave step of decriminalizing drug possession and usage.

In the years that have followed, drug usage in Portugal has decreased. Why? Because money that was being squandered on an unwinnable war that did nothing but enrich drug cartels, was instead spent on drug awareness and rehab programs. Now that drugs were no longer criminal, people who wanted help could come forward and ask for it without fear of being thrown in prison.

It also put the drug lords out of business there. Why buy pot from questionable sources when you can just grow it yourself?

This is not a surprise to anyone who has actually studied the history of prohibition. The exact same thing happened in the US when prohibition was repealed.

Do you agree that the drug war is stupid and unwinnable, and should be abandoned, and that Portugal has proven that all the speculative scare hype against decriminalization is actually BS?