Answer #1

too much sugar…and you’d probably pee a lot :P

Answer #2

For sure, lots of vits & minerals.

Answer #3

with low sugar, YES IT IS!!! Specially the one that you make at home from fresh fruits! Yummy, strawberry, dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, avocado… you can add ice to make it fresher… only when it is not taht cold with you. :-)

Answer #4

No. Too much sugar. Even fresh fruit juice has sugar. And I sincerely doubt you are sitting around making fresh fruit juice all day. So absolutely not.

Answer #5

no, its full of sugars and usually artifical colours and presevatives. rarely do the have the goodness of real fruit in them. by all means have one or two, but its not good to be drinking it for every drink. water is much better, so would be snacking on a piece of fruit instead

Answer #6

Definitely NOT the ones you buy. Fruit juices bought in shops often contain more sugar than coke and it wrecks havoc on your teeth. Rather dinrk water. If you make your own fruit juice it is ok.

Answer #7

everything is bad for you if you have too much of it

Answer #8

Well pretty much everything said is correct. Juices generally have too much sugar and often have too many preservatives. When drinking fruit juices, its best to dilute them with water. So 50% water and 50% juice.

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