Why is it that all my dreams contain some form of murder, death or just morbid thing?

Answer #1

Some people think dreams are prophetic, and that they tell you about something that is preordained to happen. But that is just nonsense, and when a dream “comes true” it is usually (but not always) just coincidence.
. When you really want something you think about it more & try to prepare for it while you are awake. As a consequence, your brain can create dreams about it, so as to help prepare you for various scenarios, in which that thing might occur, that are plausible. If, and when, that desired outcome occurs the dream has helped to prepare you to deal with the situation efficiently, rather than the dream having “predicted” it. . However, although it is possible, I doubt that you actually want the murders & morbid things to occur in real life. So what is going on then ?
. Well, You have probably been seeing murders and morbid things in television programmes, films, computer games etc.. They are probably things that are outside your experience in reality, and your brain is simply creating dreams in order to help you deal with such an event both physically and emotionally in the event that you are unlucky enough to be confronted by such a situation.

Without such dream-time preparation you might be numbed by shock and unable to react if you saw a dangerous murderer attacking someone in real life. The dream might portray a murderer coming after you, in which you run to escape and encounter all sorts of obstacles that make it difficult to find safety, but you struggle against them anyway.

Maybe you even find dream-time ways to fight back, perhaps by using a club or knife, …..

….. that you may never previously have considered using, in any real situation that you have ever encountered, while awake.

Dreams are also be part of the brain’s processing of real life memories, and it is of course possible that your conscious mind has forgotten some traumatic early childhood events, that are resurfacing in your dreams.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

okay thank you so much for that answer! :)

Answer #3

so my mom bought me a dream analyzer book because i used to have crazy dreams that i would right down in a notebook but since i don’t have it on hand i found this site for you to check out and it is basically the same differnce to my book http://funadvice.com/r/biqar17ep

Answer #4

because it might some sort of vision and it might happen any time any where depending on where you are

Answer #5

Your conscience is catching up to you, just kidding. I don’t know, seriously though, ask yourself what have you done differently.

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