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Dreaming of god(KRISHNA)

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I dreamed about god (the hindu god Krishna) I've had quite a few of these . There was one where he came and woke me up and telepathetically told me to go to a picture of his and he will stand next to me while I put my finger under his eye in the picture. I did as he asked me to and tears fell from him. Then the living Krishna asked me "Now do you believe in me?"

Another dream was that I died and was floating around and what I felt and saw was sorrow and sadness on the earth plane, and I felt so sad. I didn't belong. All of a sudden, GOD( KRISHNA, RADHA) on a swing , flashed across the sky and I floated up towards them.

There has been other dreams like these but not as deep as these. Can anyone make out what these mean. Thankyou.