is it just me, or does Dr. Pepper sometimes have a tiny taste of alcohal?

Answer #1

I think it’s just you…what are you putting in it? lol

Answer #2

Nothing lol, i am drinking it with my pasta :P

Answer #3

Wow, what a combination :)

Answer #4

Yeah, it’s… gross haha

Answer #5

OMG >:}

Dr.Pepper is AMAZING :D

Answer #6

I think thats just you If Dr Pepper tastes like anything its Cherry Coke :)

Answer #7

Ha, the other night at work I got a drink (we are allowed unlimited drinks at work) and I came back to it an hour later and it tasted like malibu, I looked up and saw the the special nozzle thingy on the upside down Malibu bottle was leaking. I said nothing ;)

Answer #8


Answer #9

ya i think so too :) lol

Answer #10

omg. that is totally true. i can taste it sometimes too! wow. i thought that was only me.

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