how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?

Answer #1

I think as long as she’s over him, it’s fine. I mean, you can be friends (: Hopefully, she won’t go all movie status on you and try to get revenge on you because she still loves him or become like Ali Larter in Obsessed. (:

Answer #2

thank you very much for the advise =)

Answer #3

Obviously he picked you over her, so don’t worry about it too much. I think that movies these days have made us think that every ex-girlfriend is a psyco-maniac-revenge-hater-obsessed-crazy-woman, when in reality, yes those exes do exist, but very rarely. She’s probably got a partner and living happily next door without a care in the world. Maybe you could have a talk to your husband about it, see what he thinks. But I don’t think it makes a difference weather she was next door, or an hour away.

Answer #4

You are welcome :D

Answer #5

And if your lucky and do become friends with her, she can tell you embarrassing stories about your husband >:D

Answer #6

As long as you understand your husband and your husband has even spoken about his ex girl friend it is just fine.But if there is anything between your husband and that neighbor again then it is trouble

Answer #7

That is kinda weird

Answer #8

for me it would be okay …i still respect her for having a past with my husband and as long as it was a past you can do nothing about it all you can do is stay calm and act politly and dont ruin things =)

Answer #9

just be normal and coz shes the ‘EX’ maybe its good to keep the distance lik dont get too close

Answer #10

tbh youu never know if its going to be a good idea if your living next to your husbands ex gf :/ if shes married then maybe if would be okay to live next to her but firstly you need to know you can trust him xxx

Answer #11

not cool at all, she might want to get info from u on him, or who knows they might end up talking to each other, things happen, be very careful

Answer #12

Well it can be akward. But if your husband loves you and your trusted then everything should be ok.

Answer #13

akward, but if your husband loves you a lot and you know that he is going to be loyal there should be no problem.

Answer #14

i wouldnt really want this because it could cause problems knowing they were together or something but it also realy depends on the trust u guys have and how long their relationship was and if it was something serious or not something she got over quickly or if theres still feelings there but i think you should live somwhere else where you cud b more comfortable and b friends with your neighbor without having that he was ur husbands gf at one point in ur mind lol good luck =)

Answer #15

I would move lol

Answer #16

it should be ok, were they serious or was it just a dinky relationship?

Answer #17

You know cos u asked.Its ok if shes not a raving jealous psychopath then she wont kill u

Answer #18

thats kind of awkard , and honestly i dont get a good vibe about you living next door to your husbands ex girlfriend because you don`t know what possiblities of ANYTHING going wrong.

Answer #19

I would say it is not a good idea but if you really trust your husband it would be fine. The one person you shouldn’t trust is the ex.

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